CIA Boys Soccer Season Recap

From Mr. Silveira:

Our Cedars International Boys Soccer Team completed a great season!

Compiling a 4-4 record, CIA Boys Soccer finished the season strong winning three of their last four games. Our boys worked diligently both on the field and in the classroom in order to ensure success in athletics and academics.

We at CIA are very proud of their effort and believe that the team will continue to improve next year.


  • Eduardo Huerta- Midfield, Foward
  • Anakin Spangler-Defender
  • Jayden Rauls- Goal Keeper
  • Darrien Smith- Defender, Midfield
  • Jose Becerra- Defender
  • Eli Garcia- Midfield
  • Alvaro Olalde- Midfield
  • Andrew Munday- Defender
  • Nathan Everett- Midfield
  • Rosendo Long- Defender
  • Damien Maceli- Midfield, Defender
  • Daniel Brito- Foward, Midfield
  • Luis Aguilar- Foward, Midfield
  • Jorge Juares- Foward
  • Jouse Flores- Defender, Midfield