Cedars International First Annual Virtual Reality Showcase May 31

A message from Mr. Hammontree, Digital Media teacher at Cedars International Next Generation High School:
Come and experience virtual reality at our First Annual Virtual Reality Showcase, May 31st at Cedars International Next Generation High School. We will begin at 6:30pm and run until 8:00pm.
Cedars International Next Generation High School is the first high school in the US to cultivate a VR  program. We’ve been working to create educational VR experiences to help understand content as well as help people work through anxiety.
We have several VR experiences to show off at the showcase including: A fly through WW1 that shows how technology changed how war was waged, a museum where you can interact with the different stages of hominid evolution up to modern day Homosapien and an airport simulator that will help new travelers deal with the anxiety of navigating the airport through the use of immersion therapy.  We will be able to demo other experiences and prototypes from students during the evening as well.
All are welcome to come experience this first VR showcase, so feel free to bring family and friends to experience our first steps into virtual reality!