CHS New School Hours To Begin November 26, 2018

Principal Steven Zipkes is sharing the following message regarding new hours for Cedars International Next Generation High School:

Greetings CINGHS Parents and Guardians,

As we begin our 3rd year it is hard to believe that the first Trimester is over and we are already in our second Trimester. As we grow we are continuously looking at adjusting to improve our school operations to benefit the students, parents and staff to ensure we have the best school possible for all.

I am writing to inform you of an immediate change to our school hours beginning Monday, November 26 after the Thanksgiving Holidays. These changes were made to benefit the students, parents, and staff. We will no longer have early release Friday every other week. We will begin to have 1:30 release Friday every week and an earlier start time of 8:25 every day.

The new school hours starting Monday, November 26 will be:

Monday thru Thursday 8:25-4:05 Every Friday 8:25-1:30

  • The benefits for the change will add consistency with the CIA elementary/ middle school’s 12:30 release every Friday.
  • No more confusion for parents and students if it is an early release Friday or not- Every Friday will be released at 1:30
  • No instructional time lost
  • Most students if not all students are already here already at school by 8:25
  • School start and end times are sustainable and we will not have to change

    next year

  • CINGHS will bank 685 minutes this year and 700 minutes next year in

    case of an extra bad weather day that we will not have to make up as we

    had to last year.

  • Gives teachers time for planning and grading
  • Benefits teacher retention
  • Teacher and Board Approved

We value all students, parents, and staff and hope that these new hours will benefit all.

Thank you.