Gifted and Talented

Cedars screens students in grades K-12 based on nominations received and permission to test. The calendar below shows the nomination window for screening activities to be conducted at the campus by the campus GT coordinator.   GT coordinator is not required to accept these forms for your child’s grade level before the nomination window opens or after the nomination window closes.

  • Nomination window-   September 10 –21
  • Parent permission to test –  September 24 –28
  • Testing Window- February 25 –March 29
  • GT Decision-Making Committee Meetings   April 8–18

Parents will be notified of placement after they Review assessments and make placement decisions for all tested students.

Services begin for newly identified students on the first day of next semester  


Here are some points that I think may be included in the description of our program:

The National Association for Gifted Children defines gifted children as “those who demonstrate outstanding levels of aptitude or competence in one or more domains.

Our gifted students are served in the regular education classroom.  Classroom teachers will differentiate student learning to address academic needs along with their social and emotional needs.

Project-based learning allows gifted students to capitalize on their abilities to understand “cause and effect relationships” in order to solve real-world problems, with authentic final products. These types of projects give students increased independence and the ability to study material at their own pace.