Biography – Dr. Sharon Frederick

Sharon Frederick, has worn many hats! As Dr. Frederick, she has worked at ACC for over 20 years, having directed an array of programs to include: Early College High School, Learning Labs, Academic Testing Centers, Student Recruitment, Supplemental Instruction, Bridge Programs, Adult Ed, and supervised her own campus The ACC Robbins Academy. As Professor Frederick, she recently completed a three-year term as the Department Chair for General Studies & Student Development. And as Major Frederick, she served for 24 years in the US Air Force Reserves and the TX Army National Guard, retiring February 2011 after having served in Operation Desert Storm/Desert Shield in the Middle East, in Kosovo in support of Operation Enduring Freedom, and her last deployment in Iraq from 2009-2010. Her passion for education and deep commitment to helping students reach their full potential speaks for itself! Her mantra is: “ALL students CAN and WILL succeed” and whether it is Soldiers, staff or students, she instills in them to “Mark Their Work with EXCELLENCE.”

And finally, the BEST hat of all is “Grams” to her beloved twelve year old grandson, Kaleob!