Take Action Today to Support Your Cedars International Schools Student

Parents and Friends of Cedars International Schools,

State lawmakers meet every other year for just 140 days to pass laws that impact your family. Ultimately, your state representative and senator need to hear from you – their constituent – on why Cedars International Schools are important to your child so that they support laws that help our school.

Cedars International Schools students receive about $1,400 less in funding than our neighboring, traditional ISDs. You can help make a difference for your child by contacting your lawmaker and reminding them that public charter school students deserve equal funding and should not be penalized for selecting the public school that best meets your family’s needs.

Take Action Today. Your first step can be by visiting the Texas Charter Schools Association “Take Action” pageBy signing up for their alerts, you will receive important information and opportunities to get involved in public charter school issues impacting your child and charter school students across the state. You can also find more information at the Texas Charter Schools Association Facebook page.

It only takes a moment to send an email or make a call. All Texas children and families deserve an opportunity to have access to the best public school that fits their needs.

Contact your lawmaker today to remind them that your child is not worth less.

Thank you,

The Cedars International Schools Family